September 23, 2010

Yin (陰) Yang (陽): Every Moment in Motion

Close your eyes and imagine........

Space in every direction.  You see nothing, feel nothing, hear....nothing.  Then....something.  A movement, a sound.  Undefined and remote, but real.  And again.  A tiny ripple.  Still very faint but clearer and more distinct.  Its all around you but in no place specific.  Moving, spinning...nearer now, it is purposeful and defined.  Spinning, tumbling, whirlling all around you.  You feel it.  Cold, then warm and hot and cold again.  Changing. Wet, then dry, soft, sharp, hard and smooth.  Sound.  Even and fluid while rising up then falling low, pushing forward and receeding back again.  And colors.  Deep blue, subtle green, a flash of red.  Black and white.  Moving, spining, creating and eroding, and....

That is yin (陰) and yang (陽).  Elemental energy, movement, and change.



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