June 13, 2011

No Additional Assembly Required

A couple of thoughts that have been spinning around in my head relating to the forms...
  • E=MC2.  Obvisously, not a new thought on my part.  Teacher reminded me of its application to any consideration of energy in motion, including martial arts.  E=energy or force.  M=Mass.  C=Velocity.  Given this, there are two ways to increase the force or energy within your form.  The first is to increase your mass - unlikely for most of us and perhaps not a good idea for the rest.  The second is to increase velocity of motion - not as easy as it sounds since an effort to increase velocity often results in less actual velocity not more.  The key here is to develop a body structure (bones, muscles, tendons) and postures/stances that enhance the flow of energy/force.  That is where practice comes into play.
  • No additional assembly required.  What I mean by this is that the forms as developed already contain everything needed to meet their purpose.  No additional "additives" like speed, power or "softness" are needed.  We tend to add these elements because we don't see them in our form and our brain says the form is missing something.  What we think is missing is there - but our mind is getting in the way - too much thinking and adding.  Speed, power and "softness" are the result of relaxed precision.  If we try to add them its like adding sugar to a naturally sweet fruit - too much of a good thing.  What we really need is practice. 
  • Practice develops familiarity.  Familiarity develops confidence.  Confidence develops relaxation.  Relaxation reduces resistance.  Reduced resistance improves speed (velocity).  Improved speed/velocity increases energy (power).
  • It is a natural tendency to unintentionally add, subtract or otherwise modify what we have learned to compensate for physical limitations or because of mental "desires".  Therefore, a Teacher is necessary to bring us back to our original lessons.
  • A form is very much like a tornado (or hurricane).  The center should be calm and the energy should spin around it.  There are several levels of this principle.  The intention should be calm relative to the mind.  The mind should be calm relative to the body.  The inner core of the body should be calm relative to the outer extremeties.  The body as a whole should be calm relative to the immediate environment.

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