December 16, 2013

A Lesson From Taichung Teacher

The following thoughts from Taichung Teacher were made available by two of his students.  Many thanks to them for their contribution to this blog and for furthering the lessons from Taichung Teacher.

Stop counting how many forms you have.  It is how well you know your forms that counts.  Quality is always more important than quantity.

Stop counting the hours you are training.  It is not so important to train for so many hours, but rather to make the hours of training count.

Just spend a little time with the movement until you feel comfortable with it and the problems will solve themselves.  The movements are meant to be understood.  They are not meant to challenge you your entire life, but to add quality and knowledge to your life.  Try not to make it so complicated and understanding will come.

The breath should be coordinated with the speed of the movement.  If the breathing is not right, then the timing is not right, and the form loses its meaning.  When the breathing is right, and the timing is right, it brings the movements to life.  Do not force the breathing or the movement, but let them happen naturally.

Over Training
If you push yourself and overdo it and hurt yourself so that you are unable to train, it is useless.  Know your body and how much you can do.  It is not Kung Fu that makes you great, but what you can do that makes Kung Fu great.

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