March 12, 2018

Meditation - Another Approach

A follow up on mediation.

Another approach is to sense what it feels like to be alive - to breathe, feel, sense, and be aware.  Not thinking or trying to describe - rather feeling the immediacy of it.  The "now".  Whatever you are doing, pay attention to some small perceptible aspect of the activity.  For example, if you walking what does each step sound like?  Can you hear the sound of leaves in the breeze?  Can you see the many shades of green, brown, black - maybe even red, yellow and orange?  The shadows and light?  If you are washing dishes, what is the sound of the water splashing, or sound of made as you scrub each dish?  What are you hands doing?  What does it feel like to move your hands into different positions as you grasp, wash, dry, and put the dishes away?  This can be done with any of the many activities were perform everyday without giving thought to what we actually doing, what it feels like, or sounds like.  Instead, we are listening to the roar of thoughts, ideas, plans, regrets inside of our mind. 

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