February 25, 2011

Yin (陰) and Yang (陽): Ten Thousand Motions

At its core, Kung Fu and Tai Qi are about movement -  and movement is Yin (陰) and Yang (陽).  Instead of thinking about the power, strength and speed of your form think about the movement - the 陰 and 陽 of each action.  This is where your form really lives.   

Something else to think about...You are 陰 and 陽.  A living, breathing, thinking, moving being.  陰) and 陽.  Mental/ physical, inside/outside, front/back, top/bottom.  Every thought, impluse and action is 陰 and 陽.  The interaction of you and your surroundings results in a thought; the interaction of your brain and your body results in an impulse to move; and the interactions of your brain and your muscles, tendons etc. results in the actual movement.  Your form is 陰 and 陽.  Whether it is Kung Fu or Tai Qi, your form is a highly structured set of coordinated movements  - 陰 and 陽.  Your interaction with the form is another level of  陰 and 陽.  So, you (and the form) are moving, spinning, turning and changing - experiencing and expressing 陰 and 陽.  The result is alive with a personality, shape, flow, pace, and purpose.



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