May 15, 2011

Through The Action

Just a thought to keep in mind as you practice your form - move through the action not to the action.  I "learned" most of the forms I practice through a step-by-step process.  I was shown several actions which I practiced, slowly adding actions until I was able to complete the entire pattern of the form.  I then practiced the pattern over and over until I was thoroughly familar with it.  Unfortunately, my practice habits reinforced a station-to-station pattern of movement that emphasized specific actions and destroyed the flow, beauty and (potential) power of the form.  I was (and still am) moving to the action instead of moving through the action.

Moving to-the action is like accelerating your car, slamming the brakes to a full stop and re-accelerating over and over - as if your driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  There is plenty of power once you reach full speed - but what about the rest of the time?  You are either de-celerating or you are at a full stop.  Its not aesthetically pleasing, its inefficient and it is very hard on the car.

Moving through the action is like accelerating your car and maintaining your speed throughout your trip - as if driving on a highway (certain highways in large metropolitan areas excepted!).  Your speed may vary as needed to navigate turns, hills etc. but the variations are subtle, interconnected and in accordance with the terrain so that the aesthetics and efficiency are actually enhanced while the power (or momentum of the form) is permitted to flow to the next action (as if accelerating out of a curve).

So...think about how your form is connected and practice "driving" through it rather than to it.


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